We have seen God do great things with the church plant in Msaranga Tanzania. God has brought us some faithful members that have been saved and baptized at our church as well as members that were previously saved. in Jan of 2022 Kelli was emergency medevacked to South Africa after she was unresponsive for 4 days and the hospitals in Tanzania concluded they could not help. Praise God in South Africa the Dr’s gave Kelli the right treatments and she was awake after a short period. After over a week the rest of the family was able to join Kelli in South Africa as we waited for her strength to return. after a month in SA our family flew to the United States for a Medical furlough. There are more details in our newsletters that can be found on our website. Praise God for all His provision and for His healing hand! Youhana is leading the church in our absence and so far he is doing a great job. Please continue to pray for Yohana and Bible Baptist Church of Msaranga while we are away.


     Our family arrived on the field for our first term on August 14th 2019,
We are currently learning the language (swahili) and culture. The first month was full of many trials but many more blessings. We were able to assist in sending 173,000 bibles across Tanzania to five different area.

God also gave me the opportunity to preach in a boarding school early one Sunday morning and Kelli has been able to minister to some girls at another boarding school most Sunday nights. We are slowly starting to help in the Moshi church plant as we keep language training and getting settled as our first priority. We are also praying for a future opportunity to start a Bible study at one or more of the three local colleges, and possibly teaching a bible class in one of the local schools next year. Please continue to pray for us as we settle in and seek God’s guidance and wisdom for current and future ministries.

Our Past

     Kelli and I were raised and saved in Christian homes and surrounded by missionaries. Although a godly atmosphere was present, we both chose a path away from God. On each of our paths, we searched for happiness, peace and a sense of purpose but found none. God in His abundant mercy and grace lead us back into a close relationship with Him. Our passion for sharing Christ comes from our relationship with Him! We know the emptiness that exists away from Him. This is our driving force to share, share, and share. We love sharing the gospel with others. We are thrilled to disciple others through His Word.

Why Here

MapKelli and I have both had a passion for missions. Since we have been married, we have prayed for God to guide us in ways to serve Him and ultimately to reveal His plans for full time ministry. In 2014, we started following and praying for the Schultz family, missionaries to Tanzania. As we prayed, our burden for Tanzania got stronger and stronger to the point that it consumed much of our thoughts.

Tanzania is a spiritual country (religious). Some say Christianity here is miles wide but only a few inches deep. So many are being led astray by false gospels. They know of God but they don’t know Him or His Word. The need for the Truth is great!

While BJ Schultz shared with us, he mentioned something that has really stuck with us.

Starting a church in a rural area was simple but there was a great lack of young men who were qualified to become pastors. When focusing on the youth to try and raise up pastors- there appeared to be a great malfunction in the system. When the kids reach 7th grade they take an exam at school. If they pass they go on to high school. If they fail, they are done with public school altogether. They cannot advance without paying high private school tuition fees. So, they are left to fend for themselves. They are pushed out of the house by the parents to go start life; find a job, get a house etc. Imagine what an uneducated 7th grader does to get enough food to eat every day. Those who pass the test go on to high school. Many go to boarding school in the cities. Those who pass 12th grade go to college. Those who fail move away to find jobs in the city. So, the village is left with very few teens who are educated- meaning the village church has very few teens as well. Do you see a problem?

We definitely see the problem. The solution that God provided was a Christian school with affordable tuition that is providing a quality Christ-centered education. This solution is training young men and women to serve the Lord, minister to their families and in time become pastors and leaders in the churches being planted.

Why Now

script_luke10_2On August 26th 2015, I was informed that my entire department was being permanently laid off and my last day would be December 31st. We saw this as a door closing. We prayed, sought godly wisdom and pursued 2 options to see which door opened. An hour after the news, I posted my resume and applied to a number of positions. I also contacted the Shultz family, explained Our burden and asked him to pray with us for wisdom. He mentioned to us that they had been praying for teammates for their ministry and suggested we come for a visit. We continued to pray, study and seek God’s direction. We started pricing out tickets and I contacted mission boards to find out what training and steps we needed to take prior to choosing a field and going on deputation. Baptist International Missions Inc. (BIMI) provided us with the information. In April of 2015 my wife, our youngest daughter and I visited Tanzania for 2 weeks. God used this time to confirm His calling on our lives. We saw the struggle, we met the people in the church plant as well as the school. We saw the religious confusion that Satan has blinded the Tanzanians with. God gave us an even stronger burden to go and win soles for Christ in Tanzania. On June 6th 2016 Kelli and I were approved by the board or trustees at BIMI and became official missionaries to Tanzania. Sep 2016 we started part time deputation while working to sell our house and wrap up other obligations. God sold our house before it was listed on May 9th 2017 and we started full time deputation on June 2017.

Why We Need You

IMG_0530God provides all of our needs. One of His ways is using people like you to partner with us through prayer and giving. Please pray for us as we continue spreading the gospel and disciplining new Christians to be strong in the word and faith.